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Feed The Muse - Salt City Slam

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Salt City Slam
Writer - Slam
Location Salt Lake City , UT

Salt City Slam team is the poetry slam team that will represent SLC, Utah at the national poetry slam in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Of course, it costs money to get there, so money must be raised to send the team to victory!

Donations over 15 dollars come with a free download of the Salt City Slam 2013 album!



When you donate, a team member will write a poem for you. You may request which team member writes this poem. Poems that are delivered in person or rouge readings must be within the Salt Lake County area. If you are beyond Salt Lake County and you ordered a poem to be delivered, we'll do a rouge reading at a location of our choice.


Thank you so much for your donations!!

Fan Feed
$ from Brian Gray
You guys are the best!

$ from Nicole Butler
Good luck to all of you at your competition!

$ from Private Donation

$ from Andy
Good luck guys! I adore all of you, and your work inspires me!

$ from Chris and Liz Gray
Good luck!

$ from Darren
Push Poets!

$ from Duncan Shields

$ from Darren
I stayed home and had Kool Aid and Ramen for dinner to support Utah poets :)

$ from Private Donation

$ from Trenton Judson
I'm very proud of the team that is representing us and I hope above all that you have fun and show the world what Salt Lake City Slam Poetry is all about. PUSH!!!

$ from Private Donation

$ from mayo

$ from Private Donation

$ from Ryan W
Don't worry about sending the books, I'm doing this because Jesse Parent is cute.

$ from Private Donation

$ from Private Donation

$ from Doc Luben
You make my heart and many other parts light up. Can't wait to see you there.

$ from Private Donation

$ from Chuck/Jana/Clyde/Will/Jack Izatt
We strongly believe in supporting talented extended family members in the hope that we can someday ride upon their coattails :). Gooo Brian!

$ from Kyle Marshall Nixon
Good luck guys.

$ from Tami
Wish I had more to give you. Good luck, you guys!

$ from Stephanie N
SALT LAKE CITY FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!!! Not like I'm worried. You all rock.

$ from Bryan Holland
kick some ass!

$ from Kuzo
Damn you Jesse

$ from Trish Hopkinson
Poetry is just the evidence of life. If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash. -Leonard Cohen

$ from Brianna Smith
Good luck guys!

$ from Pam Victor
I would love if Jesse Parent would write my poem!

$ from Gray Brian Thomas
I want RJ to write a dis poem about me. The rest of the team is invited to help. Make it hurt.

$ from Ali Yost
Y'all are outstanding. I'm in awe of your creativity and know you'll make SLC proud. Best of luck!

$ from Private Donation

$ from Jason Bruzzichesi
In lieu of a bedtime story, since RJ is legally no longer permitted within 500 feet of my bedroom, petting zoos, and leather shops, I shall request an in theater performance of "EPIC" during the closing credits of the same named movie. I further request it be filmed and uploaded to the internets.

$ from Mayo
We need you in Boston to give the Lizard and Cantab a run for their money!

$ from Sean Maki
Good luck. Hopefully you'll have time for a beer or bourborn while you're in the area

$ from Ginna Funk Wallace
Good luck Jesse! I'm broke as a joke these days but for YOU and a pome, I can rustle up a five spot.

$ from Tom Shannon

$ from The 27th Mile
Coming soon: The 27th Mile (an anthology) http://www.the27thmile.com Proceeds will go to support the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing

$ from Stan Gill

$ from JulieAnn Carter-Winward
Jesse--I don't want anyone to write me a poem. BUT, when all of this craziness is over, I'd like you to be a guest at one of our poetry meetings. Deal? I'll bring the wine. ;) Good luck, troops.

$ from Juliet
You guys are great. I only hope you can keep doing what you love.


Dave Alberti

Posted on Apr 19, 2013 at 2:53 pm

David Alberti discovered slam when he arrived in SLC. After graduating from the University of Utah with a Bachelors of Science in Sociology, he took more time for self-reflection and the development his poetic style. He considers this year to be the apex of that personal time he took: full of ambition, excitement, adventure and poetry! After this summer, he will resume his journey in academia to pursue a Masters in special education K-12 (mild to moderate-severe), but performance poetry remains a staple in his lifestyle.
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Jesse Parent

Posted on Apr 19, 2013 at 2:53 pm

Jesse Parent placed 2nd at both the 2010 and 2011 Individual World Poetry Slams, was a finalist at the 2012 Ontario International Poetry Slam, and was part of the 8th place Salt City Slam teams at the 2011 and 2012 National Poetry Slams. He has been on the 2007-2013 Salt City Slam teams, has served as SlamMaster and coach for Salt City Slam, and has served on the executive council for Poetry Slam, Inc. For more information, please visit http://www.jesseparent.com/
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Willy Palomo

Posted on Apr 19, 2013 at 2:52 pm

Willy is an Honors student and performance poet at Westminster College. Since 2010, he has maintained a strong presence in the Salt Lake City literary community, where he currently organizes two monthly poetry slams. His work has been published thrice in the University of New Mexico's literary magazine Scribendi, where he won Editor's Choice. As the winner of the Academy of American Poets Student Poetry Contest, judged by Martin Espada, his work will appear in the 2013 issue of ellipsis... Literature and Art, where he currently works as a poetry editor. For the past two years, Willy has visited high schools and juvenile detention centers as a poetry performance coach, preparing students for the national Poetry Out Loud competition. In 2013, Willy founded Westminster College's first poetry slam team, which he led to NYC where they competed in the Collegiate Union Poetry Slam Invitational.
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Ben Barker

Posted on Apr 19, 2013 at 2:52 pm

Benjamin is an undergraduate in the English program at Weber State University in pursuit of his MFA. He is the founder and SlamMaster of the Ogden poetry slam at Grounds For Coffee. His writing includes poetry as well as prose, the latter of which has been recognized with first place honors in competitions at Weber State and in his hometown of Brigham City. He moved to Salt Lake in the Spring of 2012 to dedicate his time and volunteer efforts to the performance poetry community.
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RJ Walker

Posted on Apr 19, 2013 at 2:52 pm

RJ has always had a passion for writing and started his spoken word career as a stand-up comedian in the local coffee shop and open mic scene. He has been doing spoken word for three years. Home grown at the Greenhouse Effect open mic, his comedy began to take on a more narrative style ranging from short stories to poetry. He most certainly is NOT an online ghostwriter for other comedians outside of Utah.
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Send Salt City Slam 2013 to Cambridge!
  Donate $1.00 or more
The Seth Walker, RJ compete against Gray's mustache by growing the longest beard he can
  Donate $1.00 or more
The Handle bar, RJ Will compete against Gray's mustache by growing a sweet Hulk Hogan
  Donate $1.00 or more
The Gray, RJ will try to grow a better mustache than Gray
  Donate $1.00 or more
The Wolverine, RJ Will compete against Gray's mustache with wolverine chops
  Donate $1.00 or more
The Danny Strack, RJ Will compete against Gray's mustache with Danny Strack sideburns
  Donate $5.00 or more
Poem: An SCS member will write a poem for you and put it on the internet
  Donate $10.00 or more
Poetry: An SCS Member deliver a poem for you in person, then put it online. (or the SCS CD)
  Donate $10.00 or more
Salt City Slam CD
  Donate $15.00 or more
Rouge Read: And SCS member write a poem and perform it in the location of your choosing
  Donate $20.00 or more
Bed Time Story: RJ Will write you a bed time story and come read it to you for bed time.
  Donate $25.00 or more
GROUP PIECE!: Salt City Slam will write a group piece for you and put it online!
  Donate $40.00 or more
FLASH MOB!: SCS will write a group piece and perform it in a public place of your choosing
  Donate $50.00 or more
Private Show (per attending team member)
  Donate $50.00 or more
A book for you: Salt City Slam will write you a book of 10 poems! One of a kind, just for you!
  Donate $60.00 or more
Puppet Show: Salt City Slam wil write and perform a sock puppet show for you!
  Donate $100.00 or more
Gift Basket: SCS CD, A book for you, SCS Chapbook, a recorded poem for you.
  Donate $500.00 or more
The whole Shebang: Private performance (whole team), with poems for you, SCS book, CD

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