Steve Carver
Musician - Poppy Jazz and Jazzy Pop
Location Seattle , WA

Hello all,

My Name is Steve Carver.


I'm a musician/singer based in Seattle. This web site may have been sent to you from a family member or friend. Thanks for taking the time to read about my project. I have been playing with a Seattle jazz trio lately, which has been a great learning experience and a lot of fun.  We are playing Swing, Blues, Pop, R&B, Bossa Nova...all kinds of stuff. I'm trying to raise some funds to make a studio quality CD in the summer of 2015. That will include musicians, rehearsal time, studio time, mastering, copies of the CD, and artwork. It will come out to about 10,000 dollars. Yea, I know... a lot! If you would, please pass this project on to friends and family who you think might support such an endeavor. To the right are some rewards that I will gladly send to those who contribute to the project...along with my gratitude. For more information on the project and to hear some of the music that may be on the CD check out

Thanks and Cheers!


Fan Feed
$ from claire Lamont Carver

$ from Chris Buchanan
Goog luck ... crowd sourcing is the new frontier that's democratizing the recording industry in huge ways (if it works -- which I hope this one will!)

$ from Private Donation

$ from Private Donation

$ from Mike S
Stevie Wonder Bread

$ from Bradleye
Steve carver sings the beat moon river since Andy Williams!

$ from David Brinton
Hi Steve. This is great and I can't wait to hear the CD. I still remember hearing you teach yourself how to play the saxophone!

$ from DD
Way to go Stevie!! I can't wait to hear the CD!!

$ from Jerry Brennan
Way to go Stevo! Stay off of my blue suede shoes & heaven needs a carpet.

$ from Private Donation

$ from Rick Cranford
Steve!! Stoked to see you are still chasing the muse - that bitch. She is ever the temptress, no? Best of luck - come play in Boston!

$ from Private Donation

$ from Ike
Hey Steve! Best of luck with the project.

$ from Rick and Pam Hoel
Go get em Steve! Good Luck! Pam and Rick


Steve's 1st Full Length CD
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