Feed The Muse is a simple and safe way for fans, friends and family to support your creative ideas online. We supply you with all the tools you need to effectively reach out to your community and raise funds to accomplish your next project.

YES, you can raise money if you’re a band, musician, artist, writer or filmmaker, and YES, you can also raise money if you’re a teacher trying to impact your community.

The old paradigm where “fans” and “artists” were on different sides of the fence is shifting now. Feed The Muse is a way to bring those who appreciate your work into your inner circle, make them feel part of your creation process, and give back to them in meaningful ways.

Feed The Muse is the creation of The MilkBoy Group (MilkBoy Recording Studios, MilkBoy Coffee, and MilkBoy Philly). MilkBoy started life as a recording studio in Philadelphia, and has been actively involved over the past 15 years in assisting the independent artist achieve their goals, build their craft and gain exposure to the public. While we started Feed The Muse in response to changes in the music industry, when we saw the site being used by theater companies, fashion pageants and newly weds we realized that Feed The Muse is a platform for literally ANY fund raising cause.