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She's in the Band
Location: North Hollywood, CA
Genre: Ukulele Jam-Rock
Location: Seattle, WA
Genre: Psychedelic, Space, Rap, Jazz
We Run Philly
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Genre: Hip Hop
Kenny Shore
Location: Winston-Salem, NC
Genre: singer/songwriter
Sherree Chamberlain
Location: Stillwater, OK
Genre: acoustic/folk
Aaron Nathans
Location: Wilmington, DE
Genre: Acoustic folk
Amy Schmidt
Location: Lincoln, NE
Genre: Folk
Location: Tampa, FL
Genre: Memorial
Robby Hecht
Location: Nashville, TN
Genre: Americana/Folk
Electric Leaves
Location: santa cruz, CA
Genre: Indie/Ambient/Electronic
Dr. Pants
Location: Oklahoma City, OK
Genre: Nerd Power Groove Rock
Brian Salcido
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Genre: Pop, Soul, Blues, Folk