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Jenne Sluder
Location: Asheville, NC
Genre: Alternative
George J. Cahill
Location: Philadelphia
Genre: Christmas Music
Low Litas
Location: Tulsa, OK
Genre: Indie, Garage, Shoe Gaze
Lucas Carpenter
Location: New York, NY
Genre: Pop
Sideways Reign
Location: Union, WA
Genre: Rock/ Americana
Location: East Providence, RI
Genre: punk/rock/alternative
Rufus J. Fisk
Location: Lancaster, PA
Genre: rock/hip hop
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Genre: singer songwriter : pop
Rebecca Muir
Location: Boston, MA
Genre: Singer/Songwriter + Soul/Blues
Austin Criswell
Location: Mount Holly Springs, PA
Genre: Acoustic
Charge of the Light Brigade
Location: Toronto
Genre: Alternative / Indie / Rock
South Shores
Location: Dallas, TX
Genre: Rock/Pop Punk