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Red Letter Life
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Genre: Rock
Beth Colegrove
Location: Somerville, MA
Genre: Folk
Toy Soldiers
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Genre: Roots Music/Blues/Soul
Caitlin Bellah
Location: New York City, NY
Genre: Photography
Prettier than Matt
Location: Columbia, SC
Genre: Folk/Rock
Hydra Melody
Location: San Antonio, TX
Genre: Rock
Musical Charis & Blvd Park
Location: Sacramento, CA
Genre: The New American Dream Tour
3 by three
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Genre: Textiles
For the Love of Music Tour 2012
Location: All across the U.S.
Genre: Tour Support
Dr. Pants
Location: Oklahoma City, OK
Genre: Nerd Power Groove Rock
Brian Salcido
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Genre: Pop, Soul, Blues, Folk
Tavonna Miller
Location: Allston, MA
Genre: Pop/Soul