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A Fragile Tomorrow
Location: Charleston, SC
Genre: Folk-rock
We Run Philly
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Genre: Hip Hop
Alicia Romano
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Genre: Folk
Musical Charis
Location: Sacramento, CA
Genre: Indie Rock & Roll
Fates Demise
Location: San Diego, CA
Genre: Metal
Doreen Taylor
Location: Mullica Hill, NJ
Genre: Pop, Top 40
Night Gallery
Location: Ft Worth, TX
Genre: Rock
Matt Spitko
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Genre: Folk/Rock
Prettier than Matt
Location: Columbia, SC
Genre: Folk/Rock
(RAS) Riders Against the Storm
Location: Austin, TX
Genre: Hip Hop/Soul
Sideways Reign
Location: Union, WA
Genre: Rock/ Americana
Red This Ever
Location: Baltimore, MD
Genre: Electro Rock / SynthPop