Musician - Urban/Pop
Location Philadelphia , PA

Hello to my FANtaaaastic   FANS!


My name is CAMELLE from Cameroon, Central Africa. I%u2019m 14 years old and I live in the US. I%u2019m a Urban/Pop Singer and Songwriter. I have already one Demo CD and DVD out.


 I%u2019m so happy to inform you that I%u2019m currently working on MY NEW EP ALBUM 2010. It is a very excited project for my music career.  The EP Album will have 6 up tempo beat tracks.


As you may know, producing an Album comes with lot of expenses:  recording, backup singers, overdub players, mixing, mastering, artwork, CD duplication... I%u2019m dealing with other expenses to support my career like: touring to different cities, Concerts outfits, promotion and publicity, etc. Not easy huh!


I%u2019m excited to announce you that I%u2019m launching a FAN FUNDRAISING CAMPAIN through the website:  WWW.FEEDTHEMUSE.NET/CAMELLE.  My goal is to raise

$5,000 for the release of my new Album. I believe this is possible with your support.


You can go to the website and donate according to your will. Every single penny counts! Hey each donation is paired with a great reward. Go to WWW.FEEDTHEMUSE.NET/CAMELLE to discover what you will get back by making a donation to this project.


I would like to thank God for his daily blessings by allowing me to pursue my dream in the music industry. I thank my Dad who has been on my side at every single step. I thank all my FANtaaastic FANS around the world:  US, UK, Canada, Carrabean, Australia, Paris, Europe, Cameroon, and Abidjan, all over Africa.  Thank you for your constant support and love.


Love ya ALL!




Salut a tous mes FANtaaastisque Fans!


Je m%u2019appelle Camelle, je suis du Cameroun, Afrique Centrale. J%u2019ai 14 ans et je vis aux Etats Unis d%u2019Amerique. Je suis Artiste et Auteur-Compositeur. Mon genre musical est Urban/Pop. J%u2019ai deja un CD et un DVD demo dehors. Regardez mes videos dans Youtube en cherchant "Estelle606".


Je suis heureuse de vous informer que je travaille actuellement sur MON NOUVEL ALBUM 2010. C%u2019est un projet excitant de ma carriere musicale. Le nouvel album contient 6 titres haut de game.


Comme vous le savez, produire un album vient avec beaucoup de depenses: frais de studio, choeurs, musiciens, mixage, duplication des CD, deplacements, promotion, publicite, etc.  Pas facile, n%u2019est-ce pas?


Je suis contente de vous annoncer que je lance une CAMPAGNE DE COLLECTE DE FUNDS AUPRES DE MES FANS. L%u2019objectif est d%u2019atteindre $5,000 pour finir la production de mon nouvel album. Vous pouvez donner votre contribution and visitant le site:  WWW.FEEDTHEMUSE.NET/CAMELLE.  Chaque donation a un prix en retour. Allez vite dans le site  WWW.FEEDTHEMUSE.NET/CAMELLE  pour decouvrir les differents prix a recevoir pour chaque contribution.


Je remercie le Dieu Toutpuissant de me donner l%u2019opportunite de realiser ce projet. Je remercie mon Pere qui est en meme tant mon Manager et Producteur. Il a toujours ete present a mes cotes a chaque etape de ma carriere musicale.


Je remercie surtout TOUS MES FANS DU MONDE ENTIER aux Etats Unis, Canada, Iles Caraibes, Europe, Australie, Afrique, Cameroun, etc.  Je vous aime tous et MERCI infiniment pour votre soutien constant.


Je vous aime de tout Coeur,



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$ from Private Donation
Wow, I'm amazed with your music. I watched your videos, you are talented. Keep the good work. Can't wait to listen your new album. God bless

$ from Private donation
You are so talented. Keep the good work. Waiting your new Album to come out.

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My New EP Album 2010

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