Hearts Fail
Band - Dark Indie/ Post-Punk
Location San Antonio , TX

Hi friends!  

We are finally releasing our latest EP, "You Are Never Alone."  Our lineup and the quality of this music makes this album our best yet.  This will be our first album with Vince on lead guitar and Gabe on drums, which is really exciting.  It also marks the return of Mike on bass, whose last album with Hearts Fail was 2011's "Other Blessings," and Clint on keyboards, whose last album with Hearts Fail was 2006's "Medallion."  The elements that this lineup brings to the band make this my favorite release, something that NEEDS to be documented.  The mix of long-time members and fresh blood give our music a new energy and textured sound, while also retaining the elements most dear to Hearts Fail.  I hope you feel the same way.  

We've been able to take care of a lot of this album on our own, including recording rhythm at Black Buck studios, individual track recording, mixing by Eddie with band feedback, and mastering by Clint.  We've worked together to get the time-intensive parts finished.  We do need your help to get everything finalized, though, including the physical release, and creating some much-needed new merchandise.  Your contributions will help us to release the album both physically and digitally, create new merch, and further promote our music through video.  Any help you can provide would be so appreciated!  

With love,

Eddie, with Mike, Gabe, Vince, and Clint  

Note - Bonus CD will include alternative versions of songs, Clint's piano renditions of selected songs, the song "Chokehold" (previously only available on a Russian compilation), and other goodies. 

Fan Feed
$ from Daniel G
please come to Ukraine! we love you here!

$ from Roscoe Ellis
Keep up the EXCELLENT work, guys! :)

$ from Private Donation

$ from Nicholas Gonzales
I think it is because you have a sexy bass player...

$ from Patrick T Butler
You just keep that bass player of yours out of trouble for me.

$ from Paul & Michelle
Hearts Fail, you guys is the awesome! Fans always!

$ from Jenn and Dame
Happy to help the Hearts! Fans since SIN13 days!

$ from Private Donation

$ from Anu Rintavuori
Kick it!! :)X

$ from Jenny Machete
Can't wait to hear it!

$ from Ed and Martha

$ from Private Donation

$ from Anu Rintavuori

$ from Anu Rintavuori

$ from Jenna L.

$ from Charlie Castleman
Best of luck with the new CD.

$ from Anu Rintavuori

$ from Private Donation

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You Are Never Alone - CD Production, Merch, Promo
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Above w/ Limited Edition Autographed Poster & "thank you" video from the band (Youtube)
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Above w/ Acoustic Song Dedication (YouTube), Production Credit & "Guest List" to all HF shows 2017

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