Ron Kemp
Musician - Indie
Location Olney , MD

After a four-year layoff, my second CD project is now in full bloom.  For the past 10 months, I've been in and out of the studio putting together something that I feel is going to be very special.  Think "Better Late Than Never" with more flavor.  I've already logged many hours in the studio working on this project, and there's still much more work to be done.  As I continue to rack up the hours with more recording and, then, the production end of the project, I must also work just as diligently to raise the funds to help bring the project to fruition.

Those who are familiar with my music and my writing have an understanding that my lyrics tend to be very personal to me.  That was the case, certainly, on the first CD.  This time around, they're still just as personal to me; however, some are personal to me on a different level than the previous CD.  Musically speaking, this project will have more "color" to it than the initial, "me and my guitar", offering while still keeping that personal feel to it.

Music is as essential to me as the air that I breathe, and nothing brings me more joy that being able to share it with as many people as I can.  My father was a concert organist, so I guess I got my music "gene" from him.  I've been singing for nearly as long as I've been talking.  I started playing guitar relatively late in life.  And, I started writing lyrics as a young adult.  In a classic "late bloomer" setting, everything converged at once to create the sound and style that has come to define me, musically.  

This second CD will have more music on it than the first release.  While Better Late Than Never had 9 beautiful songs on it, this one will carry 12.  I was able to include my band members on several of the tracks, which is something I'm very excited about.   

It's been an amazing ride since the release of the first CD.  Many of you, my friends and fans, have been with me all the way, coming to many of the shows, sharing my music with your friends.  I've loved every minute of it, and I love you for continuing to support my music!  Now, I'm asking you to continue to stand by me as I try to raise the funds necessary to get this next CD out.  You're gonna love it!, but I won't be able to do it without your help.

All support, financial or otherwise, is immensely appreciated.

Fan Feed
$ from Private Donation

$ from Norm Minekime
Really looking forward to the new CD, Ron. Glad to help out where I can.

$ from the Rik
Hats off to a man who loves his work. (put that hat back on and put away that gun) ;-)

$ from Diego Retana
Can't wait to hear it!

$ from Ross Martin
Thanks for making music and being a positive force in the world!

$ from Private Donation

$ from Tim Kirkner
You, me charting and nominated for a Grammy?

$ from Private Donation

$ from Julie

$ from The Mike Imboden
Keep on rockin', coach!!

$ from mary
you make me smile when I get off the train and I hear you before I see you. Lovely voice and appreciate singer/songwriters. best of luck

$ from Private Donation

$ from Deryk Bakker
Looking forward to hearing it Ron! :)

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