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She's in the Band
Musician - Ukulele Jam-Rock
Location North Hollywood , CA

I play ukulele and an assortment of other instruments and I love every minute of it. I cover top 40 songs in my spare time and upload them to Youtube in hopes that they will become just slightly more tolerable to human ear; at the very least I hope to get some laughs.

Music is now, and has always been the only thing that makes sense to me, and whether or not I actually make money or "hit it big" is irrelevant, so long as I get to play in front of people as often as I can.

I finally have the opportunity to record a kickass studio EP with an amazing team of engineers and musicians behind me. I'm so excited to finally make this happen. The only problem is, as a part-time barista and a full time Deaf Studies student, money is hard to come by.

To the point: To get this EP done we're going to need $3000. I've been holding garage sales, and offering songs and love and everything short of sexual favors to raise money. Anything helps. Let's make this happen.

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Happy to help you out! Looking forward to hearing the EP :-)

$ from @fronque49
I hope you reach your goal and when you do I'll be one of the first to buy that ep

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You're absolutely amazing and I hope that you achieve your goals. Your heart is in the right place, don't forget who was there for you when you make it big!

$ from Indigo Rush
I know you're going to make it huge one day. xoxoxoxo

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$ from Private Donation

$ from Private Donation



Posted on Jul 17, 2010 at 2:20 pm

In my first of many ideas to make money and put it aside to get this album recorded, I've decided to hold a series of weekly garage sales. Are you a packrat? Got lot's of crap lying around that you just can't seem to get rid of? Send it to me! I'll take it off your hands! Ideally, I want a portion of anything I make to go towards an organization designed to keep music and art in schools. I could really use everyone's help on this one. I wouldn't ask if it didn't mean so much to me. I do everything on a "Pay It Forward" basis, so next time you need help moving, or showing your senile relatives a night on the town? Be sure to call me. I'll be there with bells and denture glue. We're gonna make this happen, folks! email me if you're interested getting rid of some junk! I'm excited, folks. It'll happen.
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