Tip #1 - Have a realistic fundraising goal

Before committing to a goal, make sure you've added your list of expenses and can let people know what you'll be spending the money on.


Tip #2 - Make your "Pitch" personal, specific, short and sweet

It gives donors more confidence to know that their money will be used well in supporting your efforts. So write your "pitch" with your style and voice, make it brief--tell your story before they need to scroll down, but give enough specifics so your donors feel secure in your managing their donations efficiently. Remember "Please" and "Thank You."


Tip #3 - Be confident

Begging for money will not attract the results you want. You can certainly let people know that all levels of giving are appreciated, but serious fundraising is not panhandling for change or dropping a dollar in the tip jar. If you care about your project and think it is worthwhile to fund, share your confidence and they will be inspired to give.


Tip #4 - A word about donor benefits

Give real benefit for real money. It might be funny to ask someone to pay for your Red Bull, coffee, or beer, but it's been shown to be more effective if you can give something of value back to the people who are supporting you. It gives more credibility to your campaign. Check out our samples for some great ideas you can use.


Tip #5 - Stay Connected

Your fans want to know how your campaign is going. After your initial pitch, send bi-weekly or monthly email updates on what's new or what's happened. Saying, "Thank you, we've raised $500 towards our goal of $2,000, and there is still time to support if you haven't done so already," or, "with the donations we received already we were able to complete the first track on the CD."


Tip #6 - Check into your account regularly

We are posting daily information about the site, new tips, and changes that will make things more useful, so check in often to get the latest.


Tip #7 - Use the Widgit

It's a great tool to attach to your emails, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites.