General Bye Bye

"Feed The Muse allows us to realize our dream. We raised already some money to pay for the gas. As an unsigned band from oversea  we definitely need such a tool, thanks to this and thanks to you, we'll gonna rock the U.S. It's as simple as that."

Leeward Fate

"Feed The Muse is the absolute NOW for survival in the music business. The harder you work to gather fans, the more money you will make-period. It is an essential tool for DIY crowd and easy to use. The best part about it for us was being able to reach fans all over the states and in the Caribbean. Plus not having to mess with a thousand checks being mailed in different denominations, Feed The Muse makes it easy and sends out one big check per month. Also, it is fun for donors, as they can choose from a variety of options. This year was surprising success. Can't wait until our next fundraiser!"

Bryan Russo

The folks at Feed The Muse are incomparable and they want to see you succeed, unlike the many entities in the indie world who seemingly suck DIY artists dry with false promises and odd charges you have to pay them in order to get yourself heard by someone with a reputable resume or contact list.

There's nothing more personal than making your own music and sharing in the connection your music has with the people who love it. With that being said, there's no more personal way to fund a project than by Feed the Muse.

It assures that even starving artists don't starve the fans who love their art. And it helps ensure that good art can still be created.

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