The Rowdies
Band - Alternative/Rock/ Garage
Location Philadelphia , PA
So here's the deal...
We have joined up here with Feed The Muse to reach out to you – the fans – for support in helping us finish up our first full length album. We also plan to get some Rowdies t-shirts printed with the remaining funds after the album is finished! All you have to do is check off the amount you would like to donate in the box to the right and “checkout”. We thank you till the end of time for your support and helping us get our music out there for you to enjoy!
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Mastering & Merchindising
  Donate $1.00 or more
Pity us in these "rough times"
  Donate $2.00 or more
Put some gas in the van
  Donate $5.00 or more
Help fund our next recording project
  Donate $7.00 or more
We noticed you didn't make it to the gig.. Donate the cover from that night
  Donate $10.00 or more
Help us get T-Shirts!
  Donate $12.00 or more
Buy us strings for the guitars
  Donate $20.00 or more
Become our best friend
  Donate $50.00 or more
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