The Starlight Getaway
Band - Powerpop/PopPunk
Location Cocoa Beach , FL

We are The Starlight Getaway, a hard working pop-punk band out of Cocoa Beach, FL. We are currently booking our own tours and making it from show to show on our own money. Paying thousands of dollars out of our own pockets to record. We are about quality, and that's all we have to offer, and if we have to spend the money, we will do it! All we are asking is for a little help from you guys, even a dollar will do wonders. Thank you for taking the time to check out this page, and we appreciate everything our fans, friends, and family are doing to support us. Thank you so much everyone!

 -The Starlight Getaway 

Fan Feed
$ from Tiffani Manteuffel

$ from MattyK misses the tsg boys
<3 i had to beat up three 2nd graders for their lunch money. enjoi!

$ from Nina Dennison
Hello loves! I know it's not much, but I wanted to give you guys a hand with the recording. Good luck getting to $5k!

$ from Private Donation

$ from Private Donation

$ from Dylan

$ from Shanon

$ from I Love Donuts!
Donuts are such a good food choice.

$ from Kyle Perez
Whats up dudes?

Project The Starlight Getaway - reproducing the album!
Raised $78.00
Ended 04/15/2010